Independent European Auto Repair Shop Vs. European Auto Dealer


Independent European Auto Repair Shop Vs. European Auto Dealer

Independent European Auto Repair Shop Vs. European Auto Dealer

When repairing your European Automobile, you don't have to take it to the dealer for warranty related work. In fact, taking your European Auto to a local independent European Auto mechanic for routine service will not void the warranty and will, in most cases, save you quite a bit of money. By beginning a relationship with a qualified independent European Repair Shop in Jacksonville, FL, such as Bavarian Rennsport, you can build a relationship with our repair and service providers prior to needing major repairs. Here some of the other valuable benefits for working with our shop when it is time to service or repair your European Luxury or Exotic Automobile.

We Offer Significant Cost Savings

Independent European Repair Shops are often more competitively priced than the dealer service center due to lower overhead costs. Your savings at Bavarian Rennsport Independent European Auto repair facility in Jacksonville will come from two sources: parts and labor.

Our independent factory certified mechanics use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts – this means they are made by the same manufacturer that licensed them to the European Auto Manufacturer. These parts often come at a savings of at least 20%. In most cases, our shop also has a lower hourly rate than a dealer. This will add up to be significant savings, especially on major repairs. All repairs performed at our shop include a 2 year, nationwide parts and labor warranty.

Experienced Technicians That Specialize in European Luxury and Exotic Car Brands

Our European Auto factory trained technicians have spent several years working at the dealer. We also require them to continue their education and maintain certifications. This benefits you as a European Car Owner because you can now access these technicians at a better price without sacrificing skill or quality. Further, it is very common for dealers to have lower level techs perform the repairs on your car, with very little oversight from experienced techs. At our shop, all repairs are overseen by a highly experienced Level 1 Tech Master Technician.


Our Independent European Auto Repair Shop offers the value of convenience. Our customers mostly live in Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding areas, but our out of market segment is rapidly growing with exotic and performance customers living all over the United States. You can ship your car or your engine to us if you do not live local. We also offer concierge car service with an enclosed trailer for our exotic and performance customers. For in-town repairs, we offer 1-way complimentary car service to your job or home.

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