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Working with Bavarian Rennsport you’ll likely save up to 40% on Audi service and maintenance repair costs versus the dealership. At every visit, we’ll tell you what repairs to expect next and help you plan the best way to efficiently maintain or repair your car in the future.This allows you to keep your vehicle running at optimal performance without the hassle of keeping up with service intervals.

  • Lower Cost to Repair or Maintain Your Audi
  • Friendly Service & Dependable Advice
  • Specialized Audi Skills & Experience
  • Empathy – We Own & Drive Audi Cars
  • Timely & Efficient Service Scheduling
  • Add On Services Such as Wheel Refinishing, Detailing, Tires, Alignment, and Tuning Upgrades

We offer the most affordable labor and part rates in town.

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Types of Service & Repairs For Your Audi

Your personal driving style and type of daily use can affect the maintenance and repair requirements of your Audi. This is condition-based maintenance. At every visit, we’ll inspect your car to establish condition, safety and wear. The inspection results and diagnostic recommendations specific to your Audi help you to effectively plan for future maintenance costs.

Save Money on Audi Maintenance

Audi Bavarian Rennsport

Audi uses 15,000 mile or 1-year time service intervals with Condition Based Servicing. These become visible through the instrument cluster service indicator as “Oil Service, Inspection 1 or Inspection 2” and are based on vehicle condition. The service intervals are calculated on the basis of time, mileage and your vehicle’s individual fuel consumption. The system also takes your driving habits into account – freeway driving versus around town stop and go.

Some service items, such as brake fluid, age through time as well as mileage, so an annual service regardless of mileage can become important to address these items. Audi has specific technology that requires precisely timed service such as transmissions, sport differentials, diesel particulate filters.

Staying on top of service for your vehicle is important, but it can often get pushed to the back of mind with such busy lives. At each visit, we’ll inspect your Audi and make you a list of priorities. You’ll receive timely email reminders of when your next service is due.

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Bavarian Rennsport is conveniently located on Florida A1A (Mayport Road) in the Jacksonville Area. Our highly skilled Audi mechanics and technicians offer repair and maintenance services at affordable rates.

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Please be advised that in the event of any unexpected wait time other clients’ vehicles may take longer than expected to diagnose and treat so unfortunate delays do occur. We will get to your vehicle as soon as possible.

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