Save Money on Volkswagen Repairs and Service in Jacksonville

Working with your local independent shop and based on the average vehicle ownership period, you will likely save up to 40% on Volkswagen maintenance and repair costs versus using the dealership. At every visit, we inform you on what to expect next and help you plan the best way to efficiently maintain or repair your car in the future.

The benefits of working with an independent volkswagen shop versus the dealership are listed below.

  • Repair or Maintain Your Volkswagen at a Lower Cost 
  • Knowledgeable and detailed Advice
  • Specialized Volkswagen Skills & Experience
  • Empathy – We Own & Drive Volkswagen Cars allowing us to connect with your problems
  • Timely & Efficient Service that fits your Scheduling
  • Add On Services Such as Wheel Refinishing, Detailing, Tires, Alignment, and Tuning Upgrades

We offer the most affordable labor and part rates in town that are also backed with a nationwide  2 year / 24 thousand mile limited warranty by technet.

Types of Service & Repairs For Your VOLKSWAGEN

Your personalized driving style and type of daily use can affect the requirement needs of service and maintenance of your Volkswagen. These are classified as the condition-based maintenance services that we offer with every visit including a visual inspection of your car to establish the condition, safety and wear. The detailed inspection results and diagnostic recommendations specific to your Volkswagen will help you effectively plan for future maintenance costs.

Save Money on Volkswagen Maintenance

Volkswagen uses a 10,000 mile or 1-year time service intervals with Condition Based Servicing. These become visible through the instrument cluster service indicator as an “Oil Service, which generally pops up every 10,000 miles.. The service intervals are calculated on the basis of time, mileage and your vehicle’s individual fuel consumption. The system also takes your driving habits into account – freeway driving versus around town stop and go traffic patterns which is where we would recommend an additional oil change services or check up between service intervals to make sure your vehicle is running at optimal performance.  

Some service items, such as brake fluid, age through time as well as mileage, so an annual service regardless of mileage can become important to address these items in between the recommended intervals. Volkswagen has specific technology that requires precisely timed service such as transmissions, sport differentials, diesel particulate filters and more so keeping a fine-tuned maintenance schedule is recommended.

Staying on top of service for your vehicle is important, but it can often get pushed to the back of mind with such busy lives. Keeping that in mind we like to set up your Volkswagen service and repair schedule by inspecting your Volkswagen and making  you a list of priorities that we see fit at every visit and even check up on any old recommendations that should be carried out. You’ll receive timely email reminders and updates of when your next service is due without feeling bombarded with unnecessary emails.

Below is a list of all the services and repairs that we provide to our Volkswagen customers. If you do not see the service or repair that you require or have questions regarding a diagnosis of a vehicle problem, reach out to us at (904)-270-9390 or by using the contact form on our website. You can also book an appointment for an oil change, diagnostic or pre-purchase inspection.

Condition Based Maintenance Services For Your Volkswagen Include:

  • Time or Mileage-Based Inspections
  • Oil and Filter Service
  • Valve Stem Oil Seal Replacement
  • Intake Valve Carbon Cleaning
  • Brake Service – Pads, Rotors, Sensors
  • Brake Fluid Flush
  • Filter Replacement – Cabin, Air, Fuel
  • Tire Replacement
  • Tire Balancing
  • AC System Service
  • Engine Oil Flush
  • Drive Belt Replacement
  • Fuel System Cleaning
  • Spark Plug Replacement
  • Transmission Fluid Flush
  • Coolant Pipe Replacement
  • M3 Valve Adjustment
  • Cooling System Flush
  • Wiper Blade Replacement
  • Differential Fluid exchange
  • Axle Rebuilding
  • Power Steering Service
  • HVAC – A/C service
  • Option Programming
  • Check Engine Light Diagnosis
  • Emission System Diagnosis and Repair
  • Coolant System – water pump, thermostat, hoses
  • Safety Systems – Airbags, ESP, ABS repair
  • Driveline – Axle Rebuilds, Boot Replacement
  • Fuel Delivery – Throttle programming, Injector, Fuel Pump
  • Ignition – Spark Plugs, Coils, Ignition Module repair
  • Transmission – Replacement, Rebuilding, Valve Body Coding
  • Electrical – Control Module Swap, Reprogramming
  • Exhaust – Catalytic Converter, Muffler replacement
  • HVAC – A/C Compressor, Condenser repair

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If you have questions or don’t see the service you need listed, please call or text (904) 270-9390.