Buying a Pre-Owned European Auto? Here’s Why You Need a Pre Purchase Inspection

People often underestimate the importance of investing in a pre-purchase inspection or second opinion when purchasing a pre-owned European Automobile. Whether it's your first Euro or your 10th, the small price you have to pay to have our certified technicians take a look at the vehicle before you buy it, will be well worth the investment.

We offer pre-purchase inspections for European Car Brands including Audi, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, MINI Cooper, Porsche, Rolls Royce, and Volkswagen.

If you are thinking about buying a European Luxury or Exotic Car from a private seller or a dealership, simply call us at (904) 270-9390 or check our online calendar here to confirm our availability for a pre-purchase inspection.

We offer pre-purchase inspections Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm. For later hours or Saturday appointments, please call the shop. The cost for pre-purchase inspections on Audi, BMW, Mercedes, MINI Cooper, Porsche, and Volkswagen is $258, plus shop fees, and it takes 3-4 hours to complete the inspection, and 100% is due prior to the appointment. For exotic cars or antiques, or when you request we diagnose a specific issue, additional time may be required and additional charges and labor rates will apply. We will not do a 15-mile road test on high-end vehicles over $100K unless requested by the customer.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Areas of Focus

Here is an overview of the areas we check during our pre purchase inspections for pre-owned European Automobiles:


  • Engine Oil
  • Power steering fluid
  • Transmission fluid
  • Brake fluid
  • Coolant
  • Diesel exhaust fluid
  • Front differential
  • Rear differential
  • Transfer case


  • Road test
  • Alignment
  • Dash warning light
  • Wiper/arm
  • Windshield
  • Washer system
  • Heating and A/C Horn


  • All front headlights
  • Headlights
  • Front signal light
  • Front running light
  • Side marker light
  • All rear lights
  • Brake light
  • Third brake light
  • Rear signal light
  • Tail light
  • Back-up light

Under hood:

  • Battery measurement
  • Battery condition
  • Drive belts
  • Radiator, hoses/clamps
  • Heater hoses/clamps
  • Air conditioning hoses
  • Air filter and minder
  • Cabin/pollen air filter
  • Fuel filter
  • Alternator/starter
  • Second ignition
  • Positive crankcase ventilation
  • Spark plugs
  • Timing belt


  • Pads
  • Rotors
  • Front pads
  • Front rotors
  • Front brake calipers
  • Front brake lines/hoses
  • Rear pads/shoes
  • Rear brake rotors
  • Rear brake drums
  • Rear brake calipers
  • Rear brake lines/hoses
  • Parking brake

Under Vehicle:

  • Steering components
  • Front sway links/bushings
  • Front joints and linkages
  • Front shocks
  • Front struts
  • Front springs
  • CV drive axle boots
  • Front U-joint
  • Check front differential for leaks
  • Rear suspension components
  • Rear shocks
  • Rear struts
  • Rear springs
  • Rear sway links/bushings
  • Rear joints and linkages
  • Rear U-joint
  • Rear CV drive axle boots
  • Check rear differential for leaks
  • Check for engine oil leaks
  • Fuel filter (if under vehicle)
  • Exhaust manifold
  • Catalytic converter
  • Exhaust pipes
  • Muffler
  • Body damage


  • Front tire tread wear
  • Front tire balance
  • Front tire size
  • Front tire pressure
  • Rear tire tread wear
  • Rear tire balance
  • Rear tire size
  • Rear tire pressure
  • Off season tires conditions

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If your vehicle has a known issue, a diagnostic is required. Please be advised that in the event of any unexpected wait time other clients' vehicles may take longer than expected to diagnose and treat so unfortunate delays do occur. We will get to your vehicle as soon as possible.

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What precautions are we taking during COVID-19 to ensure the health of our staff and customers?

✅ We keep a super clean shop, but we have kicked things up. We have completely disinfected our building with a hospital-grade disinfectant, which we are doing 3 times per day. We disinfect the surface area of every vehicle that we go in. We sterilize every piece of mail and received parts as each arrives. We follow CDC guidelines regarding wearing gloves and masks, and keeping a 6 foot distance.

✅ We offer courtesy towing for repairs that exceed $1,750 (up to 25 miles). Each additional mile is $4 per mile. If your repairs are less than $1,750, our tow costs are $85 for pickup which includes the first 10 miles and $4 per mile.

✅ You must have an appointment. When you arrive for your appointment, pull up to the cones or park in a parking spot in the adjacent lot (white building). After parking, place keys in the blue dropbox at the first door of the main warehouse. If you have scheduled a quick service appointment and need to wait, we have a very comfortable climate-controlled waiting area with complimentary bottled water, snacks, and wifi.

✅ All inspections, estimates, approvals, payments will all be handled digitally. No cash will be accepted at this time.

✅ When your vehicle is complete, we will send your inspection and your estimate digitally. Once your invoice is paid, we will text you a code so you can retrieve your keys from a secure lockbox on site.

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