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BMW Rod Bearings – M3, M5, M6

Just about every BMW Enthusiast knows about the infamous premature Failure of rod bearings in the S54 I6, S85 V10, and S65 V8. They have been known to fail as early as 60,000 Miles which is why we encourage a preventative measure of replacement to our client. This preventative maintenance item should be done around 60,000-70,000 Miles before they suffer the consequences of a catastrophic engine Malfunction.

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(Parts List) A Typical Rod Bearing Job for the S65 is 12.5 Labor hours and includes the parts listed below.

*Oil Pan Gasket

*Oil Pan Bolts

*Oil Level Sender O-Ring

* Coated Rod Bearing Kit with ARP Connecting Rod Bolts

*Left And Right Engine Mounts *(Optional Saves Labor Time),

*Liqui Moly Cera Tec

*V8 M Oil Change

*If the Subframe Is Rusty we may require Front Subframe Hardware*

This hardware is not required but may be a good idea, especially if your original subframe bolts are rusty. Hardware includes:

31106769907, front subframe mounting bolts

31106769908, front subframe mounting bolts

33326768354, front subframe mounting bolts

33326760668, front wishbone collar nut

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What is a Rod Bearing?

A Rod Bearing is made up of two halves of smooth metal that wraps around the connecting rod, and crankshaft. This design allows a very thin film of oil to be continuously pumped in between the pieces of metal to provide lubrication. The job of a Rod Bearing is to act as a fail-safe because the softer metal typically wears down and fails before the crankshaft or the rod itself. Both of Those repairs are far more extensive and time-consuming if damaged from not replacing your rod bearings.

Why are they known to fail within 60,000 miles in these engines S54 I6, S85 V10, and S65 V8 ?

Rod bearings can fail for a number of different reasons, but we all have done the research and came to the same conclusions. The S65 and S85 rod bearings fail prematurely because these engines were produced with bearings constructed of several layers of soft metal. The soft metals include copper(shown on worn bearings) and lead which cause the wear tolerance to weaken. The main friction points are between the crankshaft, connecting rod and rod bearing causing the soft metal bearings to wear out prematurely. Many S65 and S85 Engine owners use an engine oil analysis to reveal high levels of these specific metals indicating that the rod bearings were nearing replacement. When a bearing fails, it can cause what is called a “rod knock” causing major components to break, resulting in a complete loss of an engine or paying for an engine rebuild. In 2011 BMW wanted to solve this problem by releasing a new rod bearing that did not use copper or lead due to the premature failures in the previous years. The new bearings are a harder material which prolongs the life of the bearing but increases the likelihood of crankshaft damage if a bearing did happen to fail.

In the Replacement Procedure, we recommend a high performance coated rod bearing kit with ARP connecting rod bolts as the coated surface Is perfect for sensitive surfaces like bearings. The coated treatment removes imperfections and high spots while creating a surface that retains oil better than the original surface reducing friction. The treated bearings are stronger with less metal fatigue and less friction than buying off-the-shelf bearings from the dealer.

The Rod Bearing Replacement Procedure

  • After the vehicle has been diagnosed our Certified Technicians begin the process of replacing the rod bearings.This Process requires mechanical knowledge, skill, a clean workspace, and several specialist tools so we recommend leaving this job to the professionals at Bavarian Rennsport.
  • Our Technicians leave the engine in the car but remove the front subframe, so the engine must be supported from above with an engine brace.
  • Removing the front subframe involves disconnecting the control arms, steering rack, and steering column which gives us access to the oil pan.
  • The oil is drained completely out as you would not want any old or already contaminated oil on circulating within your new rod bearings.
  • A typical oil change in this engine is about 8 quarts while changing rod bearings a massive amount of oil which would typically never leave the engine.
  • We make sure to fill the vehicle back up to the appropriate operating amount.
  • Once the oil pan has been removed the Technician will have access to examine the faulty or worn connecting rods and bearings and any other components within.
  • At this time we also recommend replacing the Motor Mounts if they are worn as it will save you time and labor in the long run.

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