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Bentley is a British manufacturer and seller of luxury cars and SUVs. Bentley has been owned by Volkswagen since 1998, however, the trademark rights to the name are owned by Rolls Royce. Most of the Bentley models manufactured today are manufactured at the company’s factory in Crewe, England. The current Bentley models in production include the Bentayga, Continental GT (Gen 3), and the Flying Spur (Gen 3).

Some of the former models include the Arnage, Continental GT, Continental Flying Spur (Gen 1), Azure (Gen 2), Bentley Brooklands (Ben 2), Continental GT (Gen 2), Flying Spur (Gen 1), and Mulsanne.

If you are blessed to drive a Bentley, a commitment to repair and care is vital to ensure your Bentley runs in optimum condition. When your Bentley doesn’t run how it used to, whether it be from manufacturer defects that require service or common problems caused by neglecting to perform the routine maintenance, you need a shop that you can trust to fix the issues.

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Here are some of the common problems Bentley drivers experience that our expert technicians can handle:

Bentley Convertible Top, Tension Straps and Rear Bow Issues

If you drive a Bentley convertible and have issues with the top, some of the problems include water leaking in through the convertible top. The inner securing straps which keep the top in place are also known to break. In Azure cars, the rear bow can actually become bowed from a tangle in the convertible top fabric.

Bentley Oil Leaks

Bentley’s are known for their ability to leak oil. If you are experiencing an oil leak, we can perform a diagnostic for $180 per hour. We will start with 1 hour to see if we can determine where the leak is coming from. If we need more diagnostic time for cleaning the engine or removing parts, we will get your approval before we proceed.

Bentley Power Steering Leaks

Bentley issued a recall alert for the Bentley Continental Supersports 2017-2018 models. The power assisted steering cooler pipe may be the wrong size which would cause the cooler hose to detach thus leaking power steering fluid. A power steering leak can cause you to lose control of the vehicle and dangerous to following or oncoming traffic. If you are part of the recall, you should call Bentley and respond if they call you. If you have a different year Bentley with a power steering leak, call (904) 270-9390 to schedule your diagnostic.

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Bentley Suspension Issues

Bentleys use an air suspension system which has been known to have an issue with leaky suspension legs. When it happens to your Bentley, one side of the car will be slightly lower than the other. This can strain suspension top mount bushes and also destroy your compressor so it requires immediate attention. We can perform a full diagnosis and support of air suspensions, air struts, and air springs.

Bentley Engines

Again with the Continental Flying Spur, gasket leaks are the worst issue you could face with a Bentley. If we are doing a pre-purchase inspection or diagnostic to check your engine, we will check the turbo oil pipe and vacuum pipes for leaks. We will also make sure the cooling fan is working properly. Finally, we will exam the coolant to see if it has any contamination and if the radiator has any corrosion.

Bentley Electric Window Issues

Before your window completely fails, it will start making a hissing sound. If you hear the hissing sound, it means your electric window motor needs repair. Since there is a complicated lifting system used in the Bentley electric window, it is not a simple motor swap.

Your Bentley Dealership Alternative

If you own a Bentley, you don’t have to go to the dealership for your routine service and repairs. Our shop has certified Bentley technicians to work on your vehicle. Our repairs are back by a 2 year, 24,000-mile nationwide warranty on parts and labor. We look forward to earning your business.

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