Lamborghini Service and Repair

Lamborghini Service and Repair

Does your Lamborghini need service? Call(904) 270-9390 for a quote. We offer concierge car services.

Bavarian Rennsport proudly services Lamborghini Owners throughout the United States, including Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra, St. Augustine, Flagler, Orange Park, Daytona in Florida, as well as the DMV area (DC-Maryland-Virginia), New York, Chicago, and California.

Bavarian Rennsport is Voted the #1 Independent Lamborghini Auto Repair Shop. Our Certified Lamborghini Technicians will professionally take care of your car from a simple oil change, inspection or mileage service, through complex problem diagnosis such as brakes, suspension, engine, electronic and transmission repairs. We also offer performance services including Lamborghini exhausts, superchargers, wings, and tunes.

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Quality Lamborghini Service & Repairs in Jacksonville

Lamborghini Service Repair Bavarian Rennsport

Working with us and based on the average vehicle ownership period, you’ll likely save up to 40% on Lamborghini maintenance and Lamborghini repair costs versus the dealer. At every visit, we’ll tell you what to expect next and help you plan the best way to efficiently maintain or repair your car in the future.

  • Lower Cost to Repair or Maintain Your Lamborghini
  • Friendly Service & Dependable Advice
  • Specialized Lamborghini Skills & Experience
  • Empathy – We Own & Drive Lamborghini Cars
  • Timely & Efficient Service Scheduling
  • Add On Services Such as Wheel Refinishing, Detailing, Tires, Alignment, and Tuning Upgrades

We offer the most affordable labor and part rates in town with dealership level experiences. Don’t just take our word for it – read our reviews.

Types of Service & Repairs For Your Lamborghini

Your personal driving style and type of daily use can affect the maintenance and repair requirements of your Lamborghini. This is condition based maintenance. At every visit, we’ll inspect your car to establish condition, safety and wear.
The inspection results and diagnostic recommendations specific to your Lamborghini help you to effectively plan for future maintenance costs.

Lamborghini Maintenance

Owning a Lamborghini means you need a comprehensive maintenance plan that goes beyond the basics of keeping just any car on the road. Like other cars, your Lamborghini maintenance schedule will largely depend on mileage and the type of driving you like to do. If properly maintained, many Lamborghini owners find the cost to keep their car in great shape is reasonable when they consider the value of their investment.

Typical maintenance services include oil changes, replacing spark plugs, replacing belts every 15,000 miles, and the clutch. Bavarian Rennsport is an independent service center that offers an alternative to going to the dealership while maintaining a similar level of service at every touchpoint.

Staying on top of service for your vehicle is important, but it can often get pushed to the back of mind with such busy lives. At each visit, we’ll inspect your Lamborghini and make you a list of priorities. You’ll receive timely email reminders of when your next service is due.

Concierge Car Service

Bavarian Rennsport proudly services Lamborghini Owners in Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra, St. Augustine, Flagler, Orange Park, and Daytona, Florida.

For our Lamborghini customers that have busy lives or live outside Jacksonville, Florida, we offer concierge car services. If we are transporting your vehicle, your vehicle will be treated with the uttmost care. We will treat your vehicle as if it were our own.

Lamborghini Service Repair Jacksonville Florida Bavarian Rennsport

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