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* We only accept diagnostic reports from a Certified Ferrari dealership or facility.*

* Bavarian Rennsport can not perform repairs on a vehicle without diagnosing it first.*

If your Ferrari is in need of further diagnostic time, Bavarian Rennsport is Jacksonville’s independent authoritative Ferrari specialist. Our Factory Trained Ferrari Technicians will professionally take care of your car from a simple oil change, inspection or mileage service, through complex problem diagnoses such as brakes, suspension, engine, electronic and transmission repairs.

Today’s vehicles are filled with complexity and computerized systems. It often takes highly skilled, factory certified technicians with advanced level tools to get to the root of your problem. Our Ferrari diagnostic testing service takes the guesswork out repairing your vehicle.

The Ferrari Diagnostic service includes:

  • Component diagnosis
  • Pinpoint testing
  • Research of Technical Service Bulletins
  • System analysis
  • Visual inspection of related components

The Ferrari diagnostic service should be performed when you are experiencing Drivetrain malfunction warnings, drivability issues, reduced fuel economy, or the typical check engine or service engine soon light flashing or fully illuminated.
When your Ferrari Check Engine light comes on, a fault code will be stored in one or more of your vehicle’s computers. As soon as any type of service or warning light appears on the dash, you should schedule Bavarian Rennsport’s diagnostic service.

There are certain conditions that have to be met for a fault code to stay in your vehicle system, and it is vital that our technician diagnosing your Ferrari check them before he/she makes a repair decision. This is why we scan the car when it first comes into our shop and then we address your concerns. Like going to the cardiologist, he/she doesn’t cut open your chest before he/she runs some tests.

The fault codes are the “tip of the iceberg” that will take us to “an area” inside the vehicle’s computers for further testing to properly determine where your trouble is coming from. The diagnostic allows us the time to thoroughly test and accurately determine the real cause of the warning light using the professional Ferrari diagnostic equipment at our shop. As verbally explained to every client and stated on the intake form, we always try to diagnose the vehicle in one hour, but in more intense situations such as electrical issues, it can take longer and can start at three diagnostic hours. As a certified Independent Ferrari service and repair center, our engine diagnostic services provide an accurate diagnosis of your vehicle’s problem and a repair that is done correctly by the Ferrari Factory standards the first time.

Ferrari Pre-purchase Inspection

The second biggest investment you will make in your life will usually be your car. It seems like a no brainer to spend a few hours and a few hundred dollars to ensure that the vehicle you are buying is a good investment. Unfortunately, many car owners bring vehicles to us that they just purchased, only to find there were a lot more problems than the seller led them to believe.

Most private sellers know very little about the car they are trying to sell, if you want a good deal, you are going to have to know more than them about the vehicle you are buying. The same rule applies to independent car dealers – who very often try not to know if the car has any issues. They hope their lack of knowledge will somehow keep them from being obligated to doing something when the buyer has issues in the weeks or months following your purchase.

Ferrari Tire And Balance Services

Bavarian Rennsport now offers Tires and Wheels for all Ferrari models. We’ll match the prices on

Trust Bavarian Rennsport for total Ferrari care, including Tire Changing and Tire Balancing Services. Whether you need to repair a flat tire or need new tires, you will love our quick turn-around times and affordable prices.

We use Hunter Engineering’s Tire Changer and ROAD FORCE® ELITE DIAGNOSTIC WHEEL BALANCER. to ensure the best quality of driving and optimal performance. The Road Force® Elite diagnostic wheel balancer balances faster than a traditional wheel balance and delivers exceptional balancing service and performs a Road Force®. The Road Force® Elite solves the wheel vibration problems that traditional wheel balancers can’t seem to fix. This diagnostic wheel balancer machine detects radial-force related problems associated with tire uniformity, wheel balancer mounting errors, non-balance, tire, and rim runout, and improper bead seat of the tire to the rim. Hunter Engineering is trusted by Ferrari and most other luxury car manufacturers for tire services.

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Road Force Balancing 101

Achieving an optimum ride is very complex due to technology advancements in today’s vehicles.

The demand for more responsive equipment has caused the need for tighter suspension and lower profile tires. However, tighter suspension and lower tires make the vehicle more sensitive to vibration forces. Standard balancing can prove effective in addressing ride vibration problems. There are certain non-balance related factors that standard balancing won’t address.

Tire and wheel manufacturing are very precise, but inconsistencies in weight, stiffness, and balance are inevitable. Called radial or lateral runout, these inconsistencies are high or low points in the wheel and tire construction.

Some tires have a spot stiffer than the rest of the tire. This condition is commonly called force variation. Force variation and runout can cause noticeable ride vibrations. If standard balancing doesn’t provide the smooth ride you want for Ferrari, it is possible that runout or force variation are the culprits. Match mounting and road force balancing can be used to counteract these issues.

Force Match Balancing vs. Road Force Balancing Tires

At one time, the common solution to issues like force variation and lateral or radial runout was force match balancing. Tire technicians would mount a tire and wheel assembly and align it with a marked point on the tire with the valve stem on the wheel. This supposedly would align the high spot in the tire with the low spot on the wheel. However, this process turned out to be largely ineffective.

The valve stem is not guaranteed to be the low point of runout in your wheel. Wheels have become more complex and more ornate nowadays, making the valve stem placement more cosmetic rather than strategic or effective. Although force match balancing can produce results, the most reliable way to eliminate the non-balance based vibrations in your tire is road force balancing.

Road force balancing sometimes called ride-matching is the most effective way to diagnose and resolve force variation vibrations or runout. Our road force tire balancer, a state-of-the-art balancing machine, uses a load-roller to simulate the force of the road and thereby ascertains the combined uniformity of a tire and wheel package.

Hunter ROAD FORCE® ELITE DIAGNOSTIC WHEEL BALANCER measures the runout and force variation of the whole tire and wheel assembly. We will also measure and distinguish between the radial and lateral runout of the wheel and tire individually, providing a more accurate account of the variant forces at work in your tire assembly. We use this information to determine what steps to take to compensate for any tire and wheel inconsistencies. This may mean simply adding weights or even remounting the tire and wheel to minimize the overall runout.

Ride vibrations can be caused by a variety of factors. Match mounting, standard balancing, and road-force balancing only address a few of the possible causes of ride discomfort. Road force balancing may only be recommended if standard balancing proves ineffective at diagnosing your tire and balance issue. If standard balancing and road force balancing are ineffective at addressing the issue, it is possible the vibration source is not in the tire and wheel assemblies.

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