Terms of Services

Bavarian Rennsport Terms of Services

I understand that I am dropping off my vehicle for diagnostic, repairs or services at Bavarian Rennsport and that I will be contacted when my vehicle is complete or if there are any delays while completing the repairs on my vehicle.

Moreover, I assume the potential risks and liabilities associated with having Bavarian Rennsport conduct those repairs, regardless of whether the resulting damage is to property (real or personal), person, or otherwise. I hereby expressly waive any right to sue Bavarian Rennsport for any potential damages incurred in connection with the aforementioned repairs, except for those claims against Bavarian Rennsport arising out of its own negligence. I hereby acknowledge the fact that I am at least Eighteen (18) years of age and the record owner of the vehicle. I hereby further acknowledge that I have full binding authority to consent to the vehicle repairs being conducted at Bavarian Rennsport.

I acknowledge full and complete understanding that repairs may take longer than expected and may require a vehicle to be parked for an extended period of time due to unforeseen, uncontrollable, or extenuating circumstances. I acknowledge that I shall not hold Bavarian Rennsport responsible for any damages that may accrue from such unforeseen delays, including, but not limited to, damages in the form of car rental expenses, loss of business, or loss of profit resulting from not having access to my vehicle.

The Estimate and Diagnostic Fee is based on manufacturer’s book hours and shop’s hourly rate. Estimates are only valid for 30 days. Bavarian Rennsport Offers a 2 YR/ 24,000 mile limited warranty on all parts and labor unless otherwise specified. Clients will be charged $30/day for vehicles not picked up within 72 hours of completion (unless the invoice is paid in full). All parts provided are new unless otherwise stated or requested by the client/customer. Labor is based on the shops hourly rate only.

If repairs exceed $1000, I acknowledge I will be required to pay a 50% deposit (or 100% of parts pricing whichever is greater) to begin work and order parts. The final balance is due upon completion of work. Once the deposit has been made, parts will be ordered and after the parts arrive, work will be scheduled for completion. There are no refunds.

I acknowledge by declining any of the services or diagnostic time that Bavarian Rennsport recommends, I am assuming all liability and risk and may be asked to sign additional waivers or be required to pickup my vehicle via tow truck, depending on the severity of the issues and condition of my vehicle.
I acknowledge that all calls and activities on premise are being video and audio recorded, and Bavarian Rennsport has the right to use photos or videos of your likeness, your car and/or your interactions with our employees.

I hereby acknowledge that I shall defend, indemnify and hold Bavarian Rennsport, its officers, employees and subcontractors harmless from any and all claims, liability damages, losses, expenses, fees, including attorney’s fees, costs and judgments, which may ever come to be asserted against Bavarian Rennsport, arising out of the vehicle repairs that I have authorized herein.

* Job/Shop Supply & Hazmat Fees: This charge represents costs and profits to this repair facility for miscellaneous shop supplies or waste disposal.

**FS403.718 mandates a $1.00 fee for each new tire sold in the State of Florida.

**FS403.7185 mandates a $1.50 fee for each new or remanufactured battery sold in the State of Florida.

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