Porsche IMS Bearings

Porsche IMS Bearings

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Worried about your Porsche’s engine reliability due to spirited driving or track events? For your Porsche IMS Bearing needs, contact Bavarian Rennsport.

Porsche IMS Bearings

What is an IMS Bearing?

An IMS Bearing supports the intermediate shaft on the flywheel side of the motor. The intermediate shaft drives the camshaft directly off the crankshaft. An intermediate shaft allows for the speed of the chains to be reduced which is for the life of the chain. This type of intermediate shaft that drives the camshafts off the crankshaft has been a staple of the flat 6 Porsche engine.

Models That Are Known for IMS Bearing Failure


  • All 986 Boxster models.
  • All 996 models (excluding GT and Turbo models)
  • 987 Cayman & Boxster models (up to engine number 61504715)
  • 997 3.6ltr with M96/05 (up to engine number 6950745)

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