Having to maintain your Volkswagen and take it in for scheduled service or maintenance repairs can be stressful. Make your car care easy by trusting Bavarian Rennsport your local independent Volkswagen service and repair shop for all your vehicle needs.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose an independent Volkswagen repair center to service your Volkswagen versus the dealership.


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Are the “Check Engine Soon” or basic service lights popping up on your dashboard?

Having to maintain your Volkswagen or take it in for scheduled maintenance like a diagnostic, oil change, or repair, cannot be ignored and should be addressed by your local Independent VW Service Center Bavarian Rennsport. Our technicians are Volkswagen trained and certified so your car is taken care of according to the factory Volkswagen standards and beyond because no one knows your VW better.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose an independent Volkswagen repair center to service your Volkswagen.

Bavarian Rennsport is your #1 local Independent Volkswagen Service & Repair Shop for Jacksonville and the Beaches. We offer the most affordable part and labor rates in Jacksonville while exclusively using volkswagen factory parts, and provide a professional timely service focused around value for your money, peace of mind, and getting you back on the road quickly as possible. If you’re in need of Volkswagen service or repairs, book an appointment at our independent Volkswagen service center today.

Current Volkswagen Models we provide Repair, Scheduled Maintenance and Performance Tuning for are included in the list below but not limited to:

  • Volkswagen range of Coupes – Beetle
  • Volkswagen Sedans- Passat, Arteon, Jetta
  • Volkswagen SUVs,- Atlas, Tiguan

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Book a FREE inspection, oil change, 1 hour diagnostic, or pre purchase inspection online here for Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, MINI Cooper, Porsche, and Volkswagen Car Brands. You will be required to pay for services at your scheduled appointment. We are a family-owned business and ask you to provide 24-hour cancellation notice if you can’t make your appointment.

For All Other Services & Custom Fabrication

Our European Car Brand labor rates start at $99.97/hour. Performance and Vehicle Fabrication rates are $139.97 / hour. Vehicle fabrication includes anything that is a vehicle modification, outside of manufacturer specifications.

For High-End Luxury and Exotic Car Brands

Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Rolls Royce repairs and services, call or text (904) 270-9390.


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