Get Your Euro Fed at Bavarian Rennsport Jacksonville

Are you fed up with the Jacksonville dealerships and independent shops? Is your European car in need of some TLC? Get Your Euro Fed in Jacksonville, FL at Bavarian Rennsport – The Euro & Exotic Auto Experts As any enthusiast knows, owning a European car is not just about transportation; it’s about experiencing the thrill...

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Bavarian Rennsport Named CARFAX Top-Rated Service Center

Top-Rated Service Award Based on Verified Customer Ratings Bavarian Rennsport has earned the distinction of being named a 2023 CARFAX Top-Rated Service Center. This is the fourth year that CARFAX is celebrating service centers around the country for their exceptional customer service, based on verified customer reviews. The 2023 CARFAX Top-Rated Service Centers received an...

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We Won Another Award – 2023 Bold City Best Auto Dealer Service Department

Thank you to everyone who voted for the Bold City Best Auto Dealer Service Department. We won and we are proud to continue to strive for excellence in all that we do. Thank you for your business and your continued support.

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Owning the Dream: A Guide to Lamborghini Huracán Maintenance Costs Over 5 Years

Owning a Lamborghini Huracán is more than just driving a car; it’s an experience. The sleek Italian stallion, with its roaring V10 engine and breathtaking performance, is a symbol of luxury and exclusivity. But like any high-performance machine, the Huracán requires meticulous care to keep it purring. So, before you slip behind the wheel of...

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Battery Replacement & Battery Registration

Replacing a 12-volt battery in a passenger vehicle is a straightforward task, manageable by both DIY enthusiasts and our European Auto Technicians. Typically located under the hood, though sometimes in the trunk, under the backseat, or in a wheel well, the battery replacement process usually takes less than an hour. However, for certain car models...

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Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Common Problems

The Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG is a high-performance luxury car that quickly gained popularity among Mercedes enthusiasts. While it is known for its power and style, like any vehicle, it may experience certain common problems. Here are some of the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Common Problems our customers have reported: Carbon Build-up: The C63’s engine, particularly...

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Audi A3 Common Problems

The Audi A3 is a popular compact luxury car, but like any vehicle, it can experience certain issues. Here are some of the Audi A3 Common Problems that our customers have reported. Our shop is experienced at diagnosing and repairing all of these issues. Timing Chain Tensioner Failure: Some Audi A3 models, particularly those with...

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Mercedes Benz GLE Common Problems

The Mercedes Benz GLE is a popular luxury SUV, and like any vehicle, it can experience common problems. As an independent Mercedes Service and Repair Center, we are very experienced at helping our customers maintain and repair their Mercedes Benz vehicles. Here are a few Mercedes-Benz GLE common problems that our customers have faced: Electrical...

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Audi Q5 Common Problems

The Audi Q5 is a popular luxury SUV, and like any vehicle, it can experience some common problems. Here are a some Audi Q5 common problems that owners have reported that the experienced Audi Technicians at Bavarian Rennsport can help you with: Oil Consumption: Some owners have reported higher-than-normal oil consumption in their Audi Q5s....

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We Were Nominated for Bold City Best 2023

Cover Photo credit: Josh Hway @dynamicphotowerks   Thank you to everyone who nominated us for Bold City Best Auto Dealer Service Department. The finalists are live and the voting to determine the winner is May 17 – May 31, 2023. Help us win another award. How it works: Click the logo below for a direct...

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