Ferrari Common Problems


In a vehicle as dependent on tuning and performance as a Ferrari, you can feel even the slightest problems in handling or alignment. At Bavarian Rennsport we help your Ferrari stay properly tuned while providing the necessary preventative repairs before they become costly issues that can damage your Ferrari permanently.

Ferrari Engine Bavarian Rennsport

Our well-versed master technicians are able to diagnose and repair common Ferrari problems including:

  • Oil leaks from camshaft covers or crankshaft oil seal
  • Transmission problems including worn clutch, shifter and transmission valve correction and adaption to make sure it is shifting the way it should
  • Suspension knocking or clunking sounds
  • Battery issues
  • Suspension
  • Steering
  • Convertible Top Hydraulic Repair

In most Ferrari models trying to remedy the problem on your own or with inexperienced mechanics, you can actually cause more damage to your car.

As your car gets older, internal components age and the electronics can no longer keep up. Warning signs of a malfunctioning electrical system include an illuminated check engine light, dimming lights on the dash panel, a malfunctioning radio system, a ‘burning’ smell and rough idling of the engine. In cases of a total failure where the electrical system is completely shut down, the ignition may not even power on, and consequently, the engine will not fire. There are several reasons why the electrical system would malfunction; the common reasons include a malfunctioning alternator, a bad voltage regulator, a corroded battery and battery cables, a blown fuse and wiring damage from bad electrical connections. Once our team at Bavarian Rennsport has determined the exact cause of the problem, we will either repair or replace the damaged components depending on the severity of the damage and the component involved.

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It Doesn’t Matter Where You Enjoy Your Ferrari. Bavarian Rennsport Offers Nationwide Concierge Ferrari Repairs and Service

Customers are always telling us how organized and clean the shop is at Bavarian Rennsport. We are grateful for our loyal Ferrari customer base in Jacksonville, FL, and throughout the United States.

If you are experiencing any of the Ferrari Common Problems listed above, Bavarian Rennsport offers repair, factory scheduled maintenance, and performance tuning for Ferrari vehicles. As a convenience to our Ferrari customers, we offer complimentary car service. We take extra measures to ensure your Ferrari is protected from your garage to ours. We offer fully-enclosed, insured, professional vehicle transport from anywhere in the continental United States.

Once you schedule your appointment, we will send a bonded and insured professional driver to locate your Ferrari and load it safely in a Ferrari vehicle carrier. All transport vehicles are equipped with extended race ramps and we use soft straps while your vehicle is in transit. At Bavarian Rennsport, we pride ourselves on catering to our customers’ needs. We treat each customer individually and provide one on one service, walking you through the repair process. We believe our clients are entitled to know the “What’s?” and the “Hows?” of the details on their Ferrari service and repairs. Our goal is to ensure that every customer is satisfied with their service or repair while understanding the nature and origin of the problem. We aren’t your typical independent Ferrari Repair Shop. We are European Automotive Enthusiasts that perform high-quality work on Ferrari Cars.

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