Check Engine Light on? ABS light on? Engine running rough? Here you will find some answers to the most frequently diagnosed Mini problems brought into our Mini Cooper repair shops. We do not recommend you assume that the answer here directly relates to your car. Accurate diagnosis of a problem typically saves you money. And, you should know that often third parties will misdiagnose a car for what appears to be similar problems or related diagnostic codes.

Window Does Not Go Up or Down

This normally occurs at a convenient location like a toll booth. If the window on the Mini Cooper gets stuck in the up or down position and there are no unusual noises, then the common cause of this issue is a lack of lubrication. Lubing the window runners will normally solve the problem. On extreme situations a window regulator maybe required.

Rough Running on New N14 Engines (Turbo 07 & Up S Models)

Many people believe they can get away with running the N14 engine on low grade fuel. The results start to show after approx 20K miles when the engine idles roughly when cold and is sometimes difficult to start. The cause of the problem is often a build up of carbon deposits. The carbon effects of low grade fuel are so bad that in the end the engine will not run. Mini does recommend a fuel additive, however for a number of recent vehicles it was too late. Removal of the head and replacement of the valves is necessary – and quite expensive. Use the highest octane gas you can – always.

Overheating With Limited Steering

This is a common problem on some Mini Coopers. If you experience a situation where the car begins to overheat and you experience heavy steering check fuse 5 ASAP. Often times a failure in the cooling fan assembly or in the power steering pump causes the fuse to blow. Because both assemblies are controlled by this fuse you can over heat and not steer at the same time – fun. Further diagnosis is required to identify whether the fan or the power steering pump is at fault.

Car Dies Out When Doing Parking Lot

There are a number of possible causes for a vehicle dying out. However, one of the most common on a Mini Cooper is the harmonic balancer. When the balancer begins to come apart, it starts to free wheel and therefore at low speeds the engine is disconnected from the accessories, such as the alternator. This is a situation that requires immediate attention.

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