If your BMW e46 3 series has a window regulator malfunction, we can help! We specialize in affordable BMW service in Jacksonville, FL.

Despite one a common defect, the BMW e46 3-series that was made from 1999-2006 is very popular among BMW enthusiasts. This common defect is that it is known to have a malfunction in front and rear window regulators. This problem is not a danger, but it is certainly a nuisance. It is important to find a qualified BMW service shop like Bavarian Rennsport to replace the part that has gone out.

There is debate as to whether the window regulators fail because they were designed poorly, or simply due to usual wear and tear. It is most likely a combination of the two things. The BMW window regulators are constructed with plastic pulleys and thin cables, which leads to them wearing out over time. With so many e46 3-series BMWs on the road, as the car ages, these regulators will see their fair share of abuse.

If you don’t want your window regulators to fail, it takes diligent maintenance. Even with maintenance, it won’t guarantee they’ll never go out on you. Make sure there is no extra pressure on the regulator by keeping the window guides greased and in proper alignment. You also want to check for loose or damaged clips, tracks, or anything that might prevent a smooth motion of the window. If your e46 window shakes or rattles while you are driving or when you shut the door, you need to have a qualified mechanic like the ones at Bavarian Rennsport re-align the tracks or guides to prevent future failure of the window regulator.

You can find several how-to videos on the Internet that explain how to replace an e46 window regulator, but it is a pretty technical fix and you can get in over your head fast. We encourage you to take your e46 to an experienced mechanic. It is an invasive project that could affect other parts within the window or the door, so it is wise to contact our independent, qualified BMW service shop in Jacksonville, FL to replace your regulator with an OEM part.

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