OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts

As your BMW gets up there in age, so do the parts working together to keep your BMW running at optimal performance. When your BMW parts begin to age, you will need to visit a local BMW repair shop, like Bavarian Rennsport, to replace the parts on your BMW. Now the question you must ask yourself, should you choose BMW OEM parts or aftermarket BMW parts?

Original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, parts are exactly what they sound like: replacement parts made directly by the manufacturer for your BMW. These parts are the same parts that were installed in your BMW the day it left the factory. Aftermarket parts are replacement parts that are made by a supplier, not your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Best Quality, Pricing & Warranty

The benefits of OEM parts include that they have been tested and approved by the manufacturer for quality and safety, and they stick to high standards that aftermarket parts don’t typically meet. Additionally, OEM parts generally include a warranty, while aftermarket parts do not include a warranty.

Although aftermarket parts are less expensive, the quality is usually not as good, and it could end up costing you more in the long run if the part is defective or doesn’t hold up. That is a big risk, especially without a warranty protecting how much you spend out of pocket to replace the part(s).

Best Compatibility & Availability

For maximum BMW performance, the safest route is to go with a part that will fit your BMW properly. OEM parts are designed specifically by BMW, so you know they will fit accordingly, whereas aftermarket parts may not fit properly.

With aftermarket parts, you also have to consider that there are more available to choose from, which can make sourcing parts frustrating and confusing for you when purchasing. To avoid any confusion, it is always in your best interest to use OEM parts so you can be confident they’re going to work.

In the end, choosing OEM parts or aftermarket parts for your BMW is really up to you. At Bavarian Rennsport, we recommend OEM parts. We have the most parts pricing, and we commit to our customers that we will always source the most affordable parts on the most efficient timelines. Request pricing for your BMW parts online here.

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