How to Find a Qualified BMW Repair Shop in Jacksonville

Bavarian Rennsport makes it easy for you to qualify an independent BMW Repair Shop in Jacksonville, FL by giving you some pointers on what to look for in a BMW repair shop. Below are a few of the qualities we suggest to look for at any location performing BMW service and repairs.

BMW Specialty Shops

When looking for the right repair shop in Jacksonville, FL for your BMW, you want to take your car to a mechanic that has BMW specific training and access to specialized BMW diagnostic computers, tools, and parts. Although many general repair shops say they can work on your BMW, in the long run, you need to take your car to a specialist that has made a career working on high-end German automobiles, and specifically BMWs. At Bavarian RennSport, our technicians are BMW factory trained and have dealer level experience.

Factory Trained Technicians

A BMW Master Certified Technician has a minimum of five years of experience working on BMW vehicles in a BMW approved environment. These mechanics are trained through the highly competitive BMW STEP (Service Technician Education Program) which includes a challenging classroom component that is followed by an internship at a BMW dealer service center. They are knowledgable in the latest technology and highly advanced with utilizing computers to diagnose your vehicle. While Master Certification is not a must-have to work on your BMW, you will want to find a repair shop like Bavarian RennSport that employs technicians with dealer level experience. Our shop prides ourselves on their reputation as a BMW specialist and we work to ensure our technicians are up to date on the latest tools and training to ensure our technicians can quickly diagnose and fix the issues with your BMW.

BMW Diagnostics, Tools & Parts

Many of the typical independent shops utilize an OBDII scanner, however, these tools can not be used to properly diagnose a BMW. BMW requires specific diagnostic computers and software, including ‘GT1’, ‘SSS’, and ‘ISIS’. At Bavarian RennSport, we exceed the requirements and utilize the same diagnostic tools found at the dealership. You will want to ensure your repair shop employs the same or other high-quality diagnostic tools if they are diagnosing and performing repairs on your BMW.

BMW specialists also have access to genuine BMW or OEM parts at affordable prices, and if they are a reputable shop, they will include a warranty on parts and labor. You want to make sure the parts on your BMW are being replaced with high-quality, authorized parts designed specifically for your car or you will have issues. A general repair shop may not be able to access these parts quickly or within your budget. Bavarian Rennsport has the most affordable labor and parts rates on genuine BMW or OEM parts.

BMW Professional Associations

Many reputable BMW repair shop will display evidence of membership in automotive professional affiliations. Groups such as ASE (Automotive Service Excellence), ASA (Automotive Service Association), and iATN hold their members to high ethical standards and rigorous technician certification requirements. There are also BMW specific professional associations such as BIMRS that accept only the most specialized BMW experts.

BMW Enthusiast Reviews & Recommendations

It’s important to check into what others are saying about nearby BMW repair shops. includes independent reviews to help potential clients learn more about nearby BMW repair shops. Another great resource is from other drivers on Google and Facebook. Read the repair shops reviews online and ask fellow BMW enthusiasts where they have their BMW serviced. If you don’t know any other BMW drivers, inquire with your local BMW CCA chapter. Bavarian RennSport is an active member of BMW Car Club of America (CCA).

Trust Your Instincts

Did you get a good feeling when you called to inquire about scheduling your BMW for service at the repair shop? A quality BMW repair shop will have a friendly and knowledgeable service advisor who can answer your questions and help you make arrangements to bring your BMW in for service. Some shops even allow for the ability to schedule your appointment online. If you don’t have a repair that requires immediate attention, you can establish a relationship by bringing your car in for a minor scheduled service, like an oil change, to get to know the staff and see what the shop is like. This is a great way to make sure you’ll be comfortable trusting the shop with more serious BMW services and repairs down the road.

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Now that you know the qualities to look for in an independent BMW repair shop, schedule your next appointment with Bavarian RennSport. Our shop exceeds the qualities listed above. We look forward to earning your business.

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