The second biggest investment you will make in your life will usually be your car. It seems like a no brainer to spend a few hours and few hundred dollars to ensure that the vehicle you are buying is a good investment. Unfortunately, many car owners bring vehicles to us that they just purchased, only to find there were a lot more problems than the seller led them to believe.

Most private sellers know very little about the car they are trying to sell, if you want a good deal, you are going to have to know more than them about the vehicle you are buying. The same rule applies to independent car dealers – who very often try not to know if the car has any issues. They hope their lack of knowledge will somehow keep them from being obligated to doing something when the buyer has issues in the weeks or months following your purchase.

Find Out Why The Car’s for Sale

You should always ask why the vehicle is for sale and who is selling it. There are some obvious examples of the wrong car in the wrong place – why is a Honda dealer selling a BMW M5 – was it taken in on a trade in? Who trades a MINI Cooper for a Honda? Only a specialist would know if there was an issue with a European Automobile. Of course, there could be a valid reason for this, but it is not a bad idea to ask a lot of questions. Only European car specialists can properly diagnose and fix European cars.

With the internet at your finger tips, there are solid cars and real investment opportunities out there – our pre-purchase inspection is designed to help you make sure you make the right investment and are aware of any issues you may face down the road.

Book Appointment

Bavarian Rennsport offers the ability to book pre purchase inspection appointments online. To prevent no shows, for all of the appointments, you will be required to input your credit card to reserve your appointment. We require 24 hour cancellation notice for a full refund.

If would like to book another type of appointment and do not see it listed in the dropdown or if you have questions, please call or text (904) 270-9390.