BMW e70 X5 iDrive Failures

BMW e70 X5 iDrive Failures

Does your e70 X5 have iDrive failures? We can help! We specialize in affordable BMW service and repairs in Jacksonville, FL.

The BMW e53 was replaced by the BMW e70 X5 from 2007 – 2013. The interior redesign inside the second-generation of the X5 significantly increases seating capacity and features options such as a panorama roof. Additionally, it includes newer and  very impressive technology. The inclusion of a state-of-the-art computer known as the iDrive was one such advancement found inside this mid-sized crossover utility vehicle.

The iDrive system allows the drivers of the X5 to more-safely and efficiently govern a variety of functions including navigation, climate control, vehicle information, entertainment, and communication. The user-friendly controller, located in the X5’s center console, allows the driver to work the system while maintaining a careful eye on the road. Unfortunately, some of the X5’s have issues with the iDrive failing. Most of the time this is just a mere annoyance, but some of the time, it can lead to troublesome situations.

The e70 iDrive is commonly known to have issues with: rebooting constantly, freezing, flickering on the display, navigation features that don’t function, and sometimes, complete system failure. As stated above, most of the time, the iDrive issues will just be annoying to you, but in bad neighborhoods where your safety depends on finding your way around, losing your navigation controls could put you or your loved one in a lot of danger.

Some drivers have also had issues with unresponsive climate controls, all of the radio stations resetting to factory settings, and other kinds of technical bugs. Some drivers have experienced the clock resetting itself or the GPS doesn’t recognize the correct location of the vehicle. These issues could be due to a failing battery or other electrical things may be occurring. A hard-reset on the iDrive may solve all of your problems.

Because it is very complex, we do recommend visiting a local Bimmer service technician at Bavarian RennSport. We have the proper tools and diagnostic systems to most-quickly and accurately identify and solve any problems with your iDrive.

Bavarian RennSport is a local, independent BMW service shop in Jacksonville, FL with BMW mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.

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