Check Engine Light And Your BMW

Your check engine light is on, now what? Book an appointment online for BMW service in Jacksonville, FL. Bavarian Rennsport had the best labor and part rates in town.

So there’s the infamous glow on the instrument cluster of your BMW. Yes, it’s your check engine light, and it’s really on. What should you do?

About the Check Engine Light
The check engine light is located in the onboard diagnostics (OBD) system in your BMW.

When Your BMW Check Engine Light is On
When you notice the check engine light up on your onboard diagnostics system, it means your BMW has discovered a problem within your BMW’s OBD system.

Common BMW Check Engine Light Triggers
From minor to major, there are a slew of things that can trigger the check engine light to illuminate in your BMW, including (but definitely not limited to):

  • Worn Out Spark Plugs and Wiring
  • Cracked or Loose Hoses
  • Emission Control System Malfunction
  • Issues with Catalytic Convertor
  • Faulty Fuel Injector
  • Faulty Mass Air Flow Sensor
  • Faulty Oxygen Sensors
  • Loose Gas Cap
  • Blown Head Gasket

What To Do When Your Check Engine Light Comes On
You want to take your BMW to a qualified BMW Technician at Bavarian RennSport independent BMW repair center for a diagnostic test as soon as possible.  Our independent BMW repair shop is equipped with BMW ISTA specific diagnostic equipment and we have the BMW specialty tools to perform the work.

The problem might not need to be fixed immediately, but don’t wait too long because if the problem persists, it could be very costly to repair at a later date. Allow our specialists to advise you what needs to be addressed immediately and what can wait.

If you notice other lights on your dash, in addition to the illuminated check engine light, maybe a warning for low oil pressure or that your BMW is overheating, you should pull off the road as soon as you can safely do so and shut off the engine. At this point, to avoid further damage to your vehicle, we do not recommend driving your BMW until it has been thoroughly diagnosed. We can arrange for you to have it towed to our shop by calling (904) 270-9390.

What Happens During a Diagnostic
Our factory trained BMW mechanics will be able pinpoint the problem with your BMW by connecting it to our diagnostic scan tool (the same tool used to perform a diagnostic at the dealership). This tool will give us the fault codes stored in your BMW’s electronic control system, and they reveal to us why the check engine light came on to begin with. From there, our BMW mechanics will advise you on what needs to be done next on your BMW.

Problems always happen, but if you want to avoid serious issues, make sure your BMW is routinely serviced at the proper intervals. Book an appointment today at Bavarian RennSport, your local independent BMW repair shop.

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