Ferrari News: European Journey of a Lifetime, Arrested on The Autobahn

A group of successful businessmen take a journey of a lifetime in their Ferraris and Pagani throughout Europe. Arrested For Racing On The Autobahn!

Friends of Bavarian Rennsport Owner Shawn Welk started messaging him sharing thier crazy adventure, 4 men went on a quest with 3 Ferraris & Pagani for the ultimate roads. So they loaded up a fleet of some of the worlds nicest exotic cars and headed for Europe. First Stop, AUTOBAHN!

They set out on the German Bundesautobahn 9, which connects Berlin and Munich via Leipzig and Nuremberg. Spanning 328 miles, it is the 5th largest autobahn. What better place to stretch the legs on a Ferrari 488, Ferrari F12, Ferrari LaFerrari and Pagani.

Other drivers were alarmed by their spirited driving tactics and reported them to the police for illegal racing. Guess they didn’t like being passed on the side strip. It took several police agencies to catch up with these fellas just trying to have fun. The men were arrested and the Ferraris and Pagani were impounded. The Germans were cool enough to let them all out the next day and to get all the cars back.

Apparently, it is very rare for racing to be reported. In 2017, it became a criminal offense to race on the German Bundes autobahn.

Since their release, the men and their Ferraris and Pagani have enjoyed traveling throughout Europe. They partook in the local cultures and wowed the communities with their hypercars.

We will keep you posted if they share anything that is as exciting as getting arrested for driving fast on the Autobahn.

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