Common Repairs on the BMW F01 7 Series

The BMW F01 Seven-Series was first introduced to the United States at the Los Angeles International in 2008 and was available to the public in 2009. Over the years new models have been added to the line including the Sedan, Sport, M, xDrive, Alpina and ActiveHybrid7. The F02 is similar but has a longer wheel-chassis. The F01 and F02 are seen as new flagships to a redesigned and redeveloped line of Bimmers. Unfortunately, with any new developments come new problems. Here are some common issues with the F01 and F02 seven series:

iDrive Issues: The iDrive handles the climate control, sound system, navigation system and communications of the BMW, and has been known to crash, causing many inconveniences.

Software Problems: The advanced computer systems which control many features of the BMW seven series have some common software problems. This includes problems with the steering and handling, high-beams, lane departure system and more.

Blurry Front and Side Cameras: The seven-series is equipped with cameras that give a driver viewpoints from nearly all angles, but there have been some complaints of blurry front and side cameras.

Parking Brake and Auto Brake Malfunctions: Noticed mostly in earlier models, the parking brake might engage without warning or refuse to disengage. The Auto Hold feature might also keep the car from shifting into Drive.

Transmission Jerking and Sticking: Violent or hard-shifting has been a problem in some vehicles, as well as the car refusing to shift into certain gears.

If your BMW F01 or F02 is showing any of these symptoms, we recommend that you visit a trained German import repair specialist to fix the problems using their knowledge and experience.

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