Do you own a BMW e46 3 Series? Check out this article for common problems and repairs. We specialize in affordable BMW repairs in Jacksonville, FL.

Not one car is perfect, and that includes the beloved BMW e46 3 series, which was distributed from 1999-2006. These cars are a favorite among BMW enthusiasts and they were consistently named in Car & Driver’s Top Ten list. Just like any vehicle that is made to last, there are a few common problems that every owner should look for and if found, have repaired by a qualified, independent BMW Repair Shop like Bavarian RennSport.

Cooling System: To keep the engine running cool and smooth in your BMW e46, the cooling system is complex, and has many parts working together. If you notice any deviance in the temperature gauge, get it checked out by a BMW mechanic at Bavarian RennSport before the engine overheats, which could lead to other expensive repairs.

Front and Rear Window Regulators: Because of inadequate design or regular wear and tear, the automatic windows in your 3 series will fail overtime. This can be prevented with regular maintenance, however, because they are built with plastic pulleys and thin cables, they can still fail which causes them to stick in the down position.

Overboosted Steering: BMWs are known for their  impeccable steering and handling, so if your BMW e46 3 series is overcompensating, or not reacting to your movements, there could be a problem that needs to be repaired. The issue with overboosted steering in the 2001 e46  3 series was prevalent in the cars that were made from June 2000 to April 2001.

Power Steering Pump: The power steering pump on your BMW e46 3 series might be failing if you hear a deep growl or begin to feel something rubbing against the steering column. Before you contact a mechanic, we recommend you check the fluids and filter prior to be sure they don’t need to be refilled or replaced.

Rear Subframe Tearing: In 2009, there was a class action settlement with BMW concerning the rear subframe of the e46 3 series. There have been recurring issues with the rear subframe tearing or cracking. If you hear any loud noises coming from the rear of the vehicle when traveling the moderately bumpy roads, book an appointment with a BMW mechanic at for inspection.

Tail Lamp Wiring: The tail lamp wiring in the e46 3-series was subject to recall several years ago. This includes the 2002-05 three-series sedans, model numbers 325I, 325XI, 330I and 330XI.

If you are experiencing any of these issues with your BMW e46 3 series, book an appointment online today to bring your BMW in for a diagnostic. Once we diagnose your vehicle, we will provide a full estimate for the parts and labor that your job requires. We have the most affordable BMW repair rates in town!

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